Hafodunos Workshops 2012

An array of community projects organised at Hafodunos were an endeavour to restore to the public realm, and especially to the local community, the personalities and ambience of a period of time in the life of this site. Projects were set up and organised by artist and teacher, Ceri Leeder, who felt that workshops would play a fourfold role in the purpose and development of these projects and were designed to reach out into the local community and raise awareness of the site, which to many is unknown and of whose story they are unaware. The workshops were designed to give the opportunity for community members to engage creatively with the site, in this way people would be able to build up a relationship with it and express a response to it in their art.

Workshops included a wide variety of activities to take place in the site including writing, drawing, sketching, photography and sound recording. From these recorded materials different groups would produce work suited to their particular level of expertise.

The aim was to produce an innovative and contemporary body of work. In this, there were no artistic outcomes predicted, other than that the student would have exhilarated themselves in their art. From personal experience, Ceri states that nothing engages a student more with their subject, than the opportunity to express, in their own way and from their own experience, the responses that the subject provokes in them.


Englynion Poetry Project

Ysgol Bro Cernyw, Llangernyw

Mrs Nerys Wynn-Jones is a first language Welsh speaker, with extensive experience with different forms of traditional Welsh poetry. Mrs Wynn-Jones taught students at Ysgol Bro Cernyw how to compose poetry in the ‘Cynghanedd’ and ‘Englyn’ forms. This kind of skill was aimed at not only the heart of Welsh speakers and Welsh traditionalists; but also educationalists anywhere, since it requires a mental dexterity as well as the creative impulse and knowledge of old poetry.

The end result was a series of beautiful Welsh language poems put together by the children of the school, reflecting their experience and thoughts about the Hafodunos estate and it’s history.

Roedd tan mewn tywyllwch- yn fflamio’r nos
Sgerbwd mewn llonyddwch
Hafodunos yn un llwch
Gwawrio dydd, dyma flerwch.

Gwelais wair gwelltog- gwyrddni a glasog,
A theimlais ias wyntog
Haul ar y ffenest yn wg

Ond, dim drws ar y rhiniog

Gwair aroglais- coeden hardd a welais
Rhisgl brown a deimlais
Carreg ateb yn un llais
Gwelais adfail- dychrynais

Ar un adeg roedd darlun- ond nawr adfail
Ac yno roedd rhywyn
Yn edrych ar y tirlyn
Oedd mor brydferth a blodyn

Mewn llecyn mae adfail- yn dirywio
Yn sefyll mewn cesail
Yng nghysgod gwyrdd y dail
Teulu LLwyd yn feddadail

Hir ymaros mewn lle mor dlos - hyfryd
A flamiodd dros unnos
Er hir aeth y nos

Cuddiodd Glyndwr dan gysgod y goeden

Mae blodyn mewn blagur – dyma gysyr
Yn dlws yn ei natur
Mae Duw mewn llafur pur
Yn gorchuddio llosg ddolur

Cerddais a gwelais sbwriel – llanast ty
A thrymder o rwbel
Dychmygais y tan fel sbel
Ond mae’r llosg wedi dymchwel

Rwy’n gofyn paham? Dyna yw’r cwestiwn
Dau’n dianc ar garlam
Ty’n fflam, a cholli ei ffram
Ar cnawd yn wenfflam

Fe aeth amser – mewn llosg dan gytser
Ac yna roedd dicter
Ar ol ymweld ar gwaster
Teimladau pawb mewn dyfnder

O adeilad enwog- mewn lle hafog
A ninnau mor fywiog
Cerdded fynu’n  droellog

Safai teulu ar yr aelwyd – hanes
Mae hoel traed yr ysbryd
Carn ceirw ar dir y Llwyd
dyma lle  y ganwyd

yno mae llais ac acen- carreg ateb
ar y llawr mae bricsen
geiriau mwyn ar yr awen

Mae’r ardal yn wyrthiol – yn ei natur
Ar atsain yn swynol
Adar sy’n canu yn y ddol
Blwyddyn yma mae’n hudol

Cerddais gyda uchelgais – yn fy llais
Palas a ddychmygais
Ond gwelais bod yno drais
Llais llef, trosedd a welais  

Chimera Textile Group

‘Chimera’ founded in 2010, is a group of textile artists who met either whilst studying City & Guilds (C&G) Textiles Courses or through the Embroiderers’ Guild, North Wales Branch, to which they all belong.  Three members hold the C&G Diploma in Embroidery and a further three are studying for it by Distance Learning. They are all passionate about creative textiles and enjoy the challenge of something new. 

In March 2012 ‘Chimera’ became involved with the ‘Margaret & John at Hafodunos’ project the aims of which were:  To familiarise with the Hall, the area,  the lives and art of Margaret Sandbach and John Gibson and  to look at different methods of engaging with the subject matter to be inspired to create textile art in 2D or 3D for exhibition.

Following visits to Hafodunos Hall, its grounds and surrounding landscape, members gathered information, sketches, drawings and photographs from which to take inspiration for pieces of creative textile art.  In addition, the group learned of the poetry of Margaret Sandbach, her tragically short life due to breast cancer and her friendship and patronage of John Gibson the sculptor. 

It has been very interesting to observe how  group  members have produced such a diverse body of contemporary work from the same source material.

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Hafodunos Illustrations

Ysgol Eglwys Bach, Conwy

The children at Eglwys Bach school were taken to the now derelict Hafodunos site and, with paper, pen and ink, beautifully documented elements of the estate that were of particular interest to themselves. The children demonstrated brilliant drawing and mark-making techniques, and produced an impressive series of images that are now on show at their school.

Storytelling, in Welsh and English, which initiated the project for these school students, became not only a way of communicating the story of Hafodunos, but a resource and model on which to base narrative and illustrative work. Children also listened to the recently composed music by Linda Lamb, which featured Margaret’s writing. As far as the younger children were concerned they were directed in certain areas, but with individual response being more important than a directed outcome.

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